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Guangzhou  Gongwen Tryout Equipment Co., Ltd.  is a research, production and sales of test equipment of professional enterprise. Since April 2003 until the company was founded, it has been 10 years.The company is located in No.4Dongsi RoadLongsan Industrial ZoneLongtan VillageXinjiao Road MidHaizhu DistrictGuangzhouclose to Pazhou. China Import and Export Trading Convention Center, and convenient transportation. Companies continue to learn and learn from Europe and other countries of advanced concepts, products in the structure of energy consumption, functionality, quality, practical, and deal with the leading domestic level. The company is strong in technology, products sold abroad. 

Main products: Sand and Dust chamber(IP5X/IP6X), IPX1 ~ 4 Rain test chamber, IPX1~X8 Rain test device, High and low temperature impact test chamber, High and low temperature quick change test chamber, Temperature and humidity chamber, Xenon lamp weather-resistant test chamber,UV-resistant climate test chamber, Ozone aging  test chamber, Xenon Lamp Exposure Machine, High temperature and pressure cooking apparatus, Low pressure chamber, Salt spray corrosion test  chamber, Vibration test stand, Drop test machine and Walk-in laboratory. Among them sand and Dust chamber, Rain test chamber, salt spray corrosion test  chamber, vibration test stand, IPX1~X8 rain test device, xenon lamp weather-resistant test chamber, UV-resistant climate test chamber etc Product exports more than 10 countries and regions.

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